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Drum Grabbers

Drum Grabbers Are Forklift or Carriage-Mounted Attachments to Help You Move Drums Safely.

How To Move Mountains of Drums

(yes, songs have been written about it)
Wrap Your Jaws around your drums, and hold them tight; 
or snag them from the top, if they’re all packed in tight.

Collins & Harlan, 1911


Or you could just get a drum grabber.

How Grabbers with Curved Arms Work

Our most popular solution for loading and unloading drums, the all-mechanical Model SVG-253 slips right onto the forks of your forklift.

  • · Pivot on an angled bearing as the arms touch the drum
  • · When you drive up, you slowly lower the forklift carriage.
  • · Arms tilt up and the angled bearing makes them spread apart to get around (grab) the drum
  • · As you lift the carriage, the arms come up against the drum's rolling hoop
  • · The hoop wants to push the arms down and the angled bearing makes them want to close.
  • · The heavier the drum, the tighter the grip!
  • · Releasing the drum is just as automatic

Grabbing and Picking (Parrot Beak Grabbers)

A drum grabber won't work on drums packed tightly in a trailer (or on your warehouse floor) because there's no clearance between the drums for those curved arms to work. 

  • For those tight spots, you need a drum “picker" known as parrot beak grabbers like our Model 288-2 that snatches the drum at the very top rim so it works in close quarters with any rimmed steel drums, plastic drums, or fiber drums.
  • Its massive forged jaw locks onto the drum and won't let go until the drum is solidly on the floor.
  • Some models can be mounted directly to the carriage of the forklift.

For maximum versatility, check out Model 9815 Ultra-Grip III™

  • Battery operated and just slips onto the forks with no electric or hydraulic connections to the forklift
  • Works with steel, plastic, and fiber drums and gives the forklift operator complete control over grabbing, lifting, 360° rotation and 125° forward tilting