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Dollies: The Way to Get Safer Transport of Your Drums and Pails

Dollies handle various sizes from 3 gallon buckets to 55 gallon drums and are available in a variety of materials:

  • Stainless steel dollies: Top priority in food and pharmaceutical operations for being FDA and USDA compliant
  • Carbon steel pail and drum dolly types: Heavy-duty and welded for maximum strength
  • Molded HDPE and polyurethane dollies: Corrosion proof, chemical resistant, and come in a range of sizes and colors for easy visibility in your plant

Style features you will want to consider: 

  • Material and number of casters
  • Size adjustability

Heat sensitive materials might require a heated pail or drum dolly.

Caster material makes a difference:

  • Polyolefin: Chemical resistant, non-marking, and lower cost alternative
  • Phenolic: Very hard compound that has excellent load carrying characteristics and is used to move very heavy loads
  • Steel: For heavy-duty jobs
  • Molded Rubber: Cast iron wheels that have rubber molded directly to them with the strength of steel and shock-absorbing properties; Quiet and won’t scratch up floors
  • Rubber: For general purposes or light-duty applications; Quiet and won’t scratch up floors