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Wide Variety of Pails & Buckets

Why Pails and Buckets, Plastic Buckets with Lids, 5 Gallon Metal Pails Wholesale, & Square Plastic Buckets from EBKContainers?

For starters, EBKContainers has a full selection of bulk pails and buckets like closed head plastic pails, wholesale plastic pails, and 5 gallon metal pails wholesale (including the standard 5 gallon bucket). Pails like square plastic buckets can be your next food storage container or water pail. We have 120-plus metal pails and plastic buckets with lids from 1 to 12 gallons that range in FDA compliance for food products, UN ratings for hazardous packaging, open head or bulk closed head style, multiple colors for quick product identification, and covers with fittings.

Open Head Steel

  • Unlined rust inhibitor pails package light to mild industrial and commercial chemicals
  • Epoxy phenolic lined pails for detergents, foods, surfactants, chemical, and water-based resins
  • Available as straight sided or nested to maximize storage space while minimizing freight costs
  • Bulk pails and buckets with lids of different closure styles: Lever lock, quick lever lock, bolt ring, or lug

Closed Head Steel

  • Metal pails generally used to hold liquids which will be poured or dispensed
  • Built in metal handle in the center
  • Can be stacked 
  • Steel buckets for hazardous materials: High UN ratings
  • Comes with unlined rust inhibitor interior or phenolic lined interior

Open Head Plastic

  • Light, durable 5 gallon pails wholesale used in shops, plant facilities, and food sectors
  • Made of chemical resistant, durable high density polyethylene
  • May be hot filled up to 150° F
  • Available as a round, straight-sided, or square 5 gallon bucket (including other sizes)
  • UN and Non-UN Rated lids sold separately

Bulk Closed Head Plastic Pails

  • Recommended for pharmaceuticals, detergents, lubricants, and agricultural products
  • Has a screw cap opening for convenient pouring of various liquids
  • Space-saving plastic pails: Round varieties can be stacked
  • Some pails come compatible with a Flexspout® closure
  • Swing handle and mold-in bottom grip for easy carrying
  • Available in round or rectangular build

Screw Top Pail

  • Ideal for extra fine substances, pool chemicals, or high viscosity liquids
  • Child-resistant screw top lid has a unique trigger mechanism to automatically secure the lid when closing
  • Convenient plastic buckets with lids: Easy to carry screw top plastic containers due to a mold-in plastic handle