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Seals & Locks

Say Goodbye to Product Tampering and Contamination and Hello to Protection of Your Company’s Reputation

No need to worry about the product in your drums getting delivered to your customers exactly the way you shipped it.

What Kind of Containers Do You Use?

  • Drums with fittings should use cap seals.
  • Open head drums also need to seal the closing ring with a wire-type seal or padlock seal.
  • Make sure you match the cap seal type to the style of plugs on your drum.
  • Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC containers) have large caps at the top and valves at the bottom that should be protected with wire-type or padlock seals. 

How Do Drum Seals Work?

  • Lightweight plastic or metal caps that snap over the drum fitting
  • Can only be removed by tearing or breaking them off, giving evidence of tampering

Plastic drums can use snap on cap seals without any tools needed like our BCS1 polyethylene seal.

Steel drums use a crimp-on cap seal installed with a special tool like our cap seal TC20B.

Wire-type Seals

  • Perfect for lever-lock rings on open head steel drums
  • Check out SEL12 

Padlock Seals

  • Loop snaps permanently into the seal
  • Great for IBC valves and drum locking ring bolts
  • Check out PL8R

Many of our drum seals can be custom decorated with your company’s logo.

Why Use a Drum Lock?

  • For high-value raw materials, you need to positively stop unauthorized access.
  • Replace your regular drum plugs with padlocking closures.