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Paint Cans

Wide Variety of Paint Cans

Tips for Choosing the Right Bulk Paint Cans and Lids and Plastic Paint Cans.

  • Bulk paint cans ranging from 1/2 pint to 5 quarts 
  • 2 options of wholesale paint cans: 1) tin-coated steel cans with epoxy phenolic lining or unlined 2) plastic can with organisol lining
  • Overseals of precision molded HDPE can bring wholesale paint cans into compliance with 49 CFR
  • Bulk paint cans are able to be used for sample retention 
  • Bulk paint cans perfect for paints, varnishes, and lacquers
  • Plastic paint cans also available

What are dimensions of 1 gallon paint cans?

The standard dimensions of a 1 gallon paint can are 6 ½ inches in diameter x 7 ¾ inches height or 6 5/8 inches in diameter by 7 ½ inches tall.

To explore our various wholesale paint cans, check below.