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Why an IBC Hand Pump or Transfer Pump?

EBKContainers tote pump varieties like an IBC hand pump will help you dispense product out of your IBC containers easily and efficiently.

For a wide range of products like chemicals, oils, and other liquids, we have oil pumps, chemical transfer pumps, air operated pumps for highly viscous liquids, TEFC pumps for high product flow or even an electric power motor pump or rotary pump for moving fuels, solvents, commercial and process liquids from drums to other large tanks with the attached hose and nozzle, and more.

When Would You Use an EP Motor?

When pumping flammable liquids or using a pump in a hazardous atmosphere, the motor being used must be EXP rated, Explosion Proof.  Recommended in hazardous locations where explosions are possible.

TEFC: Totally Enclosed, Fan-Cooled electric motor. Its enclosure keeps out dust, airborne contaminants, and weather disturbances like rain. That same enclosure also does not permit outside air to freely circulate through the interior of the motor so an external fan must blow outside air over its frame in order to cool it. Recommended in outdoor and wet locations.

Air Motor: Air-powered, pneumatic motor which does not produce electrical sparking. Carries out mechanical work by expanding compressed air whose energy it then converts to mechanical work through either linear or rotary motion. Performance not limited by high temperatures due to self cooling ability. Recommended in adverse, wet, humid, and aggressive environments and also in applications with frequent starts and stops.

DEF: Diesel exhaust fluid transfer pump. Here is diesel exhaust fluid maintenance as you need it if you're operating a large truck. Comply with smog regulations and cut down on high nitrogen oxide swiftly and efficiently with an easy transfer.