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Drum Handlers

Drum Handlers Transport, Lift, Rotate, Drain, Rack, and More...

Do you want to:

Drum Transport and Lift Once at Your Final Destination?

Our MORSE® Hydra-Lift Karriers can lift a drum 72 inches to 96 inches high. If that’s too high, the ValleyCraft® Roto-Lift™ or Roto-Grip™ lifts drums 58 inches to 71 inches.

Drum Transport and Pour Once at Your Final Destination?

Check the MORSE® Mobile Drum Karrier.

Drum Transport and Rack Once at Your Final Destination?

If you are transporting and racking drums, the MORSE® Omni-Lift Karrier is designed to do just that.

Electric, Air, or Battery Power

Do you want to manually lift or power lift AND do you want to manually tilt or power tilt? Most all the units are available with electric, air or battery power.

Additional Options

Both the MORSE® and the ValleyCraft units have multiple options depending on what you are trying to do with your drum.

The MORSE® units:

  • Diameter Adapters that allow the Karrier units to handle drums 14” diameter to 22” diameter and other adapters that accommodate plastic drums
  • MORStop™ Tilt-Brake option that allows the user of a Hydra-Lift Karrier to control the pour

ValleyCraft® Roto-Lift™ uses straps to hold a steel, plastic or fiber drum in place.