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Seals More Intimidating Than the Intruders: 55 Gallon Drum Cap Seals

Product contamination and tampering are two big violations and concerns. That’s where cap seals step in to protect a 55 gallon plastic drum or 55 gallon steel drum’s contents.

What types of drums do you use?

  • Closed head drums with fittings
  • Open head drums if the cover has fittings
  • Match the cap seal type to the style of plugs on your drum

How do cap seals work on drums?

  • Installation Free: Snap directly over the drum fitting by hand
  • With Installation: Crimped on with a drum cap sealing tool

How do I know if the product has been tampered with?

All of these tamper evident cap seals can only be removed by tearing or breaking them off, which physically shows you the evidence of tampering.

For even greater tamper-evidence and security: Custom decorated with your company’s logo, like our Model RC200CD