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Drum Dumpers and Pail Dumpers: One of Three Ways to Get the Contents Out of a Drum or Pail

  • Drain it 
  • Pump it
  • Dump it

First, let’s talk about how to dump (or drain) anything from a few ounces to the whole 55 gallons with a minimum of hassle, with a drum pump.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Partially-filled drums are unbalanced and bottom-heavy. The load can shift in a partially-filled drum, making it harder to tilt than a full drum. Practice discretion in this case when using a drum dumper. 

Dumping by Tilting…When using our basic drum dumpers, our Model DB55, you need to manually tilt the drum and hold it at the proper angle. An easier alternative is to choose one of the deluxe models like Model 195-115, which uses a gearbox to tilt the drum, making it much easier to precisely control and hold the dump angle. For example, our Model 195-115 drum dumper uses an AC motor, control box and 2-button pendant to control the angle. These features facilitate the dumping of drums in areas where the operator cannot be near the drum during draining.  

Forklift-Mounted Dumpers: Very versatile and economical pail and drum dumpers because the forklift is doing most of the work and the drum cinches onto the dumper saddle.

Want wider control of operating a pail or drum dumper? Check out our Model 285A Series dumpers.

Overhead Drum Dumpers: Below-hook devices that work with your chain hoist or crane using the same saddle or chain-cinch method of holding the drum; Available in manual tilt and chain/gear-drive tilt as well as AC, battery, and air-powered tilt versions

Self-Contained Pail and Drum Dumpers: For repetitive dumping tasks and available in both stationary and portable versions