Make 2024 the Year You Organize the Warehouse with Appropriate Storage Drums

Nov 5th 2023

A safe warehouse is a well organized warehouse. Many corporations use color coded pallets to store boxed goods and drums while others simply color code the drums or boxes. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has specific safety and health regulations for the handling, storage, use, and disposal of materials. Let’s look at some of those regulations and discuss how we can help you fulfill those requirements and regulations with style.

  • OSHA Standard 1926.250(a)(1) states that all materials stored in tiers shall be stacked, racked, blocked, interlocked, or otherwise secured to prevent sliding, falling or collapse. We have stackable drums in most sizes. Drums are available in steel, plastic, fiber, and other materials. Our drums meet all UN standards and are available in open head, closed head, and a variety of other options.
  • OSHA Standard 1926.250(a)(2) states that maximum safe load limits of floors within buildings and structures, in pounds per square foot, shall be conspicuously posted in all storage areas, except for floor or slab on grade. Maximum safe loads shall not be exceeded. This prevents overloading of any area of flooring and causing structural damage to the warehouse. Storage drums allow workers to properly gauge the amount of weight that is being placed in each area to prevent violating this standard.
  • OSHA Standard 1926.250(a)(3) states that aisles and passageways shall be kept clear to provide for the free and safe movement of material handling equipment or employees. Such areas shall be kept in good repair. Storage drums make it easier to keep passageways and aisles clear of obstructions as long as they are properly stored and organized.

OSHA Safety Standards

OSHA standards are in place to protect warehouse workers from injury and warehouse owners from lawsuits. All employees and anyone else who enters the warehouse must be made aware of the safety standards and follow them. Keeping the warehouse organized will help protect workers and visitors from harm’s way.

Where to Order Warehouse Storage Drums

You can purchase storage drums from several online and offline vendors, but make sure you do your research first. Take every precaution to ensure that the drums you purchase for your warehouse are of the highest quality and meet OSHA standards for safe storage. Call EBK Containers at 847-961-5347 if we can help you choose the right storage drums or salvage drums for your specific needs. You may also email us at for information about our lineup of storage and salvage drums, and all of our other products as well.