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Wide Variety of Drum Pumps

Choose the right drum pump for the job

There are 3 types of Drum Pumps: Manual Pumps, Safety Pumps and Power Pumps.

Manual pumps/Hand Pumps: Preset amounts they can pump per stroke.  Manual Pumps are powered by the user with a rotary pump or transfer pump

Power Pumps: A specified rate of gallons per minute which they can pump that is dependent on the viscosity of the fluid being pumped and the power.  Power pumps are available in electric or air operated pumps

Safety Pumps: Allow the safe transfer of flammable liquids.

Consider these when selecting a drum pump:

  • Chemical Compatibility with the Product to be Pumped - Review the MSDS (Material Data Safety Sheet) which accompanied your product to see its exact chemical or combination of chemicals.
  • Know the thickness of the liquid to be pumped – Centipoise
  • Dispensing Requirements - Determine how much liquid you need to dispense per stroke or per minute and how fast you want it.
  • Food Grade and Sanitary Pumps – Available in both Manual and Power Pumps
  • Container Sizes – Know if you plan to pump:
    • 1) out of only one size of container
    • 2) if you intend to pump the same liquid repeatedly,
    • 3) if you are transferring from one container to another