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Security Seals & Ties

Detect Evidence of Tampering - Use Security Seals and Ties

They are also known as Secure A Tie and these security seals and security ties do just that: provide security to your filled barrels, IBC totes, and buckets.

What kind of drums do you use?

  • Closed head drums with fittings and open head drums with fittings accept cap seals
  • Open head drums need to seal the closing ring with a wire-type seal or padlock seal, either at the latch or the lock bolt

Wire-Type Seals

  • Use a thin, strong wire with a snap-together or crimp-type closure
  • Check out SEL1

Padlock Seals

  • The loop snaps permanently into the seal
  • Check out PL8R

Seal Removal Means Detection of Opening

Can only be removed by tearing or breaking them off, which gives evidence of tampering

Customizable Seals

Most security seals can be custom decorated with your company’s logo