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Salvage Drums

Wide Variety of Salvage Drums

The Safety Guard Container in the World of Drums: Steel Salvage Drum

Have harmful products? Get UN Rated steel salvage drums.

  • Quality salvage drums: Constructed of cold-rolled steel
  • Come in different secure closure varieties: a bolt ring closure, black EPDM gasket, nut, and bolt or a “no tools required” quick-lever closure

Have harmful products in leaking, punctured drumsEasy twist-off overpack drums safely transport these to areas of disposal.

  • Constructed of 100% UV-protected polyethylene
  • UN Rated* hazardous waste containers
  • Wheeled options available ideally for spill kits to act as a dolly

*Salvage drums and drum overpacks are UN rated, meaning they are designed, manufactured, and certified to ship hazardous materials in packing groups I, II, and III.