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Closed Head Plastic Pails

Wide Variety of Closed Head Plastic Pails

Wholesale Closed Head Plastic Pails 101.

What’s going to be in the wholesale closed head plastic pails?

  • Recommended for pharmaceuticals, detergents, lubricants, and agricultural products

What if you are storing food products or hazardous chemicals?

  • Wholesale closed head plastic pails with wide range of types: FDA compliant and UN rated options
What are the other benefits of closed head plastic buckets?
  • Easy to stack for space saving: Available in round or rectangular build
  • Easy to carry: Include swing handles and mold-in bottom grips
What kind of opening do you need?
  • Screw cap: For easily pouring various liquids
  • Rieke ® Flexspout ®: For alleviating chugging when pouring product
  • Tri-Sure ® Uni-Grip ®: Combines a pull-up spout and tamper evident bails for greater product integrity and preservation
  • Vented buttress plug: For preventing leaks and spills