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Plugs & Adapters

Wide Variety of Drum Plugs & Adapters

Choosing a Drum Plug replacement.

Steel drum plugs choices:

  • Round-Head Steel Plugs: Have a very thin gasket and a stamped metal clip welded into the center for the wrench to go
  • Hex-head Steel Plugs: Have a six-sided shape and often a center, heavy stamped bar welded in the center for the wrench
  • Comes in 2” and ¾” plugs

Plastic drums usually have two openings:

  • A 2" NPS opening that takes something like a PPA57GK plug or a G2CPP plug
  • An opening with some very heavy coarse, weird thread in it known as the "buttress" thread: Doesn't fit any standard faucets or pumps.

We have adapters to convert almost any buttress opening to accept an NPS-threaded accessory.