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Open Head Steel Pails

Wide Variety of Open Head Steel Pails

Deciding on the Right Open Head Steel Pails

What is going to be inside? Will contents be FDA regulated or perhaps hazardous?

  • A variety of open head steel buckets are FDA compliant and UN rated.

Do you have light to mild industrial and commercial chemicals?

  • Check out our open head steel pails with unlined rust inhibitor interior.

Do you have detergents, foods, surfactants, chemicals, and water based resins?

  • Our epoxy phenolic lined pails are chemical resistant to properly store and preserve these products.

What capacity is needed?

  •  Our metal buckets range from 1 to 7 gallons.

Why steel pails?

  • High-quality, thick gauged steel to both ensure the integrity of products and protect them
  • Variety of lid closures: Lever lock, quick lever lock, bolt ring, or lug
  • Available as straight sided or space-saving nested