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Pointers to Help You Choose the Right Drum Faucet

Choosing a barrel faucet might seem simple at first, but many factors are involved in choosing the right one:

What’s The Product? The two most important factors in choosing the right drum faucet are physical properties and chemical properties.

  • Working with thin, free-running liquids? Choose a 3/4” drum faucet. They won’t drip, and you can control the flow easily in most cases.
  • Have heavier liquids like syrups or oils? Use a 2” faucet or gate valve.

Chemicals like acids or alkalis call for a corrosion-resistant plastic faucet.

  • Low cost
  • Easy, tools-free installation

Metal faucets are available in iron, brass, aluminum, or diecast zinc.

  • Iron is extremely durable.
  • Brass and aluminum are non-sparking.
  • Zinc is the most economical for light oils, cleaners, and non-flammable solvents and paints.
  • Most metallic faucets are self-closing and lockable.
  • Working with heavier oils and lubricants? Use an oil gate.

"Flammables" Require Special Handling. Use an FM Approved Safety Faucet.

  • Examples of this kind of drum faucet: Model 502 or Model 752
  • Factory Mutual (FM)-Approved with self-closing handle and built-in flash arrestor to prevent flashback of fire into the drum
  • Work perfectly with our FM-Approved vent plugs, safety cans, and grounding/bonding wires