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Closed Head Steel Pails

Wide Variety of Closed Head Steel Pails

Closed Head Steel Pails? Why?

Besides the fact that they are strong and durable with thick gauges, closed head steel pails also have more to offer.

  • Space-saving metal buckets: Can be stacked
  • Easy to carry: Built-in metal handles in the center of each pail
  • Suit and preserve many products: Available with unlined rust inhibitor interiors or chemical-resistant, phenolic-lined interiors
  • Different types of openings and caps: Flexspout® for alleviating chugging when pouring product, dust caps to prevent particles and other materials from contaminating products, easy pour screw caps, and tight sealing bungs to prevent leaks and spills
  • UN rated varieties: Ideal for hazardous use and shipping hazardous materials