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Seal Your Pails with Assurance

Looking for efficient closing tools for your bucket lids? EBKContainers has air operated, manual, or semi automatic pail closers to help you close a steel bucket, plastic pails, and buckets with lids easily. Get a positive seal for UN approved pails and secure shipping. 

Our heavy-duty pail dual openers and closers:

  • Will open UN plastic and steel pails and reseal them for intermittent use
  • Have a curved end hook opens steel pail lugs; opposite end reseals lugs for intermittent use
  • Work as a steel pail lid closer or plastic pail lid closer: Open both non-UN plastic and steel pails
  • A built-in cutter: Cuts through slits found on some plastic pail lids
  • An angled hook or side tong pries off plastic lids, depending on the type of lid
  • A hammer head reseals plastic pail lids for intermittent use