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Dispensing Tanks

Wide Variety of Dispensing Tanks

IBC Storage and Dispensing Easy with Bulk Dispensing Tanks.

Are IBC totes stackable? Yes.

Our Oil Storage and Dispensing Systems designed for storage of lubricating oils and other products with a flash point greater than 150°F have:

  • Lockable self-closing faucets for smooth & controllable product flow
  • Drip pans to catch spills and store oily cans
  • Free product identification plates for each storage container
  • 18 gauge steel tanks with 16 gauge heads
  • Expandable heavy gauge racking

Tote-A-Lube® Storage and Dispensing Systems allow you to monitor the fluid levels in your IBCs due to its translucent plastic construction along with these additional benefits:

  • 1" bottom bulkhead fitting, one, 2" NPT opening on top, and one, 2" NPT fill port opening
  • Bulk dispensing tanks with volume markings molded in gallons and liters
  • Interlocking grooves for secure stacking
  • Includes tank, steel stand, drip tray with steel holder, brass UL listed spring release valves, connectors, and connecting hose

Separate accessories are also available for our bulk dispensing tanks to add on to the convenient experience: leg kits to attach to skids for sturdiness, drip tray kits, plumbing kits, steel skids to firmly hold loads of IBCs, and product containment pans.