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A Barrel Liner a Day, Keeps Drum Disposal Away

Prolong the life of your drums with liners available in a variety of styles for various kinds of products.

  • A range for 30 to 55 gallon drums
  • Anti-static liners: Cleaner product removal with a molded special static dissipating agent intended to aid in the reduction of static build up
  • Rigid straight sided liners: Prevents slippage and leaves no room for products to seep out of the liner and into the container
  • Seamless accordion liners: Highly adjustable with pleated sides that stretch to different heights and perfectly conform to the inside of the barrel
  • Flexible fold backs, straight bottoms, tie tops, and round bottom drum liners: Fold backs pull back over the top rim of a steel drum to fully protect it, heat sealed round bottoms to ensure no leakage