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Combination Packaging

Solutions for Shipping Multiple Products at Once

When shipping a hazardous or UN/DOT rated product, you’re required to ship in a package that would comply to the 49 CFR. EBKContainers carries a complete line of combination packaging ensure that you are using the right corrugated carton to hold your hazardous materials.

Combination Packaging is great for your pails, cans, bottles, and jars for other reasons too, which our following varieties show:

  • Thermal wrap insulation: Maintain the containers' temperature whether cold or hot
  • Special care labels printed on two sides: Ensure proper, non-damaging handling of products
  • Included containers within the combo shipping box: Ready-to-go package
  • Divider insert: Tight and secure fit of the different containers
  • ECT (Edge Crush Test) indications: Along with burst strength of the package to avoid crushing it during transit