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Metal Tins & Cans

Wide Variety of Metal Cans & Tins

Know How to Choose a Metal Can or Metal Tin

EBKContainers has more than just the typical metal cans and metal tins like a 5 gallon metal oil can or a 1 gallon metal paint can in stock.

A jerry can is available in many varieties based on your needs. "What is a jerry can?" you might ask. It is another word used for metal can. Here are our top styles:

Round Flat Top Utility: Solvent Resistant Protective Storage

  • Ideal for paints, sealants, adhesives, and glues
  • One piece top with no solder joint at neck
  • Screw cap with liner sold separately

Round Cone Top: Controlled Pouring for Maximum Yield of Industrial Fluids

  • Perfect for paints, solvents, and automotive fluids
  • Chemical resistant
  • 1 1/8" Beta screw cap with SolvSeal® liner sold separately

F-Style Oblong: For Saving Space

  • Store vegetables and mineral oils, alcohols, weak acids, thinners, and adhesives
  • Gallon cans come with handle for easy pouring
  • Screw cap with liner sold separately

Our metal tins with lids are just as varied as the metal cans and great for product preservation with very low environmental impact. But they're not for use with water-based and low-viscosity liquids.

EBKContainers metal tins with lids are as follows:

Flat Round Metal Tins with Lids: For Packaging a Wide Spectrum of Products

  • Used for laboratory testing and specimens, soldering paste, asphalt, ointments, and cosmetic packaging
  • Top and bottom sold separately

Deep Round Metal Tins with Lids: Metal Storage Containers with More Depth

  • For adhesives, rubber coatings, asphalt, petroleum, and chemical packaging
  • Top and bottom sold separately

Industrial Slip Cover Metal Tins with Lids: For Ink Products

  • Also ideal for cosmetics, jewelry, and much more
  • Made of top grade electro-tinplate
  • Consists of a top, bottom, and seamed-on end