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IBC Totes & Tanks

Wide Variety of IBC Totes & Tanks

What does IBC stand for?

  • IBC stands for “Intermediate Bulk Container.” Let’s break that down a bit.
    • Intermediate – IBCs are designed for shipping and storing products and ingredients, they aren’t meant to be a container for the end-user.
    • Bulk – One 550 gallon IBC can store as much material as ten standard drums, making wholesale IBC totes and IBCs truly the most effective bulk container.
    • Container – Wholesale IBC totes are incredibly economical and efficient as storage containers. They stack on top of one another very well, they can contain up to 550 gallons, they’re reusable, and they’re available in a variety of materials.

What are IBCs made of?

  • Answering the inquiry as to what IBCs are made of is a bit multi-layered. That’s a complicated question because EBKContainers offers IBCs in a few different materials. Wholesale IBC totes made of different materials have different specific uses and are made for a variety of applications. There are steel IBCs, 275 gallon totes, corrugate IBCs, chemical totes, and the standard HDPE plastic IBC totes.