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Wide Variety of Reconditioned Drums

Wholesale Reconditioned Steel Drums & Reconditioned Oil Drums at EBKContainers.

Choosing the right bulk used drums and reconditioned metal drums, also known as recon drums, is important. If you are shipping hazardous materials, there are 49 CFR regulations you must follow for reconditioned oil drums. Our bulk used drums and wholesale reconditioned drums (recon drums) help you do that.

  • Thorough steel drum reconditioning: Professionally and expertly cleaned, repaired, repainted, tested, and inspected reconditioned metal drums
  • Wholesale reconditioned steel drums are sustainable storage containers
  • Economical reconditioned oil drums: 30% savings with 100% sturdiness and storability
  • UN Rated reconditioned metal drums available: Storage of hazardous materials as good as new steel drums