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Know the Specifics to Choose the Right IBC Bung Wrench and Socket

  • What size is your IBC container?
  • What size and type of plug does it have? This will determine the correct IBC tote wrench or tote plug torque socket to get.
  • What is the intermediate bulk storage container made of?
  • What is inside? Is it hazardous, meaning explosive, flammable, or combustible? You'll need a spark-resistant or non-sparking socket for your IBC tote wrench or torque wrench.

EBKContainers has endless socket and wrench varieties: spark resistant bronze, non-sparking aluminum, hex head or round head, drillable 2 inch and ¾ inch steel or plastic bung wrench, all-in-one, and glass-filled nylon. Ensure IBC tote fill caps are properly tightened before shipping hazardous and flammable products with torque wrenches.