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Drum Craddles

Move Drums from Vertical to Horizontal and More with 55 Gallon Drum Cradles…

Drum cradles enable you to reposition a drum from a vertical to a horizontal position so you can drain the contents. To choose the right 55 gallon drum cradle or one for other size drums, you first need to know: 

The style you choose depends on how you will use and store the drum cradle. 

  • If you don’t plan to move the drum around much: A low-cost drum cradle without wheels
  • Tip drums much easier and safer: Get a drum cradle with handles or a built-in tipping lever
  • Model DSPU-H has big polyolefin wheels and casters so you can easily “jockey” the drum into just the right spot

The majority of the drum cradle models will handle 30 and 55 gallon steel drums

  • A few will handle both steel and plastic.
  • Model W12P features: long, retractable wood handles and a chime hook to give you extra leverage and maneuverability like a drum truck; built-in rollers on the frame so you can rotate the drum to the proper position for draining


  • Steel wheels: For heavy duty applications and when floor protection is not necessarily important
  • Molded rubber wheels: Absorbing shock so uneven floors are not a problem for the drum cradle
  • Polyolefin wheels: Non-marking and chemical resistant and, in general, the best overall choice

Drain Height 

  • You need to know the distance from the floor to the rim of the horizontal drum
  • Match the drain height of the 55 gallon drum cradle to the height of the container you’re draining into. 

To reduce hazardous product spillage, consider a drum cradle with a built-in drip pan to catch the usual drips and spills that happen during draining.