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Variety of Pail Mixers

Tips for Choosing the Right Pail Mixers.

When pails contain products with elements which can settle to the bottom (such as adhesives or paint), the contents need to be mixed with proper mixing equipment before they are poured. EBKContainers offers over 200 different models of pail mixers like a 5 gallon bucket paint mixer, but you need to know exactly what’s in the pail and more before you can choose the right one.

There are four main types of a bucket mixer: 

1.  Propeller Mixers use one or more propellers to create a swirling or folding action. At EBKContainers, you'll find:

  • Propeller mixers with folding propellers that fit through 2” plug (bung) openings
  • Mixers with fixed propellers that clamp onto the side of the bucket
  • Pail agitator: Agitator blades that fit into agitator drums which are powered by an agitator motor that mounts into the 1-1/2” center agitator pail bung opening.

2.  Rotator, Tumbler, and Shaker Mixers move the entire closed container along with its contents to avoid splashing.

  • Thicker products in closed head pails need a Rotator Mixer
  • An alternative Tumbler Style Mixer mixes thoroughly.
  • Shaker type mixer will shake a pail with rapid vibrations.

3.  Turbo Mixers access a pail’s contents through the plug (bung) opening and give it a very thorough mix.

4.  Manual Mixers are paddles and stirrers. They are very economical and best suited for occasional mixing in smaller containers with thinner products.

Choose the power mixers, rotators, tumblers, blades, paddles, hand mixers, and industrial mixing equipment that you need.