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Plastic Faucets

Wide Variety of Pail Plastic Faucets

Chemicals Like Acids or Alkalis Call for a Pail Plastic Faucet

Corrosion-resistance is an important benefit offered by plastic faucets and items like a 5 gallon bucket spigot.

Chemicals like acids or alkalis call for a corrosion-resistant Plastic Faucet like our Model 401C or the self-venting Model 435. 

  • Low cost 
  • Easy installation without any tools

Polyethylene Faucets 

  • Should not be used with petroleum products or chlorinated solvents (use metal or nylon instead)
  • Our Model 700P 2” Polyethylene Faucet is versatile, designed to work very well with honey or with thicker, non-flammable paints or inks.

EBKContainers offers a wide range of plastic faucets including a 1” Celcon® Faucet, food safe FDA compliant faucets, and a drum tap for use on horizontally stored drums.