Transporting Dangerous Goods – The Right Barrels Matter

Transporting Dangerous Goods – The Right Barrels Matter

Feb 21st 2021

There are a lot of things that need to be transported, that aren’t exactly safe. These include chemicals, waste, and much more. Large scale businesses have to worry about this on a regular basis. You cannot just put items in any container and hope for the best, either. Those that are working with hazardous materials of any kind will have to abide by several regulations and recommendations. For instance, the UN recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods are a major option that companies have to abide by. Obviously, there are some that will try to circumvent the warnings here, but it’s important. This becomes increasingly vital when materials can cause severe damage to individuals and the environment.

Skirting the Recommendations for Profit

It’s very dangerous to circumvent the recommendations that have been placed by UN Model Regulations. Even though there are some companies that will try to utilize various shortcuts, they only cause serious problems down the line. Companies may save a few dollars up front, but when a disaster strikes, they will be responsible for a lot more in fines, damages, and more. It’s for that reason that it’s best not to go this route, and instead, find the proper elements to transport chemicals and other hazards.

The Right Containers

The containers that are commonly used for storage and transport of these things are barrels. There are several barrels that can be used for these purposes. For instance, you’ll find salvage barrels can withstand a great deal of pressure, and utilize several chemicals with ease. They are made to make life easier when transporting a variety of different goods. Tested, and certified within the confines of the UN Model, this becomes a necessary expenditure for businesses that are dealing with harsh chemical transport. Drums come in varying sizes, shapes, and materials. A lever closure is often needed for these, and they can make the difference between cutting corners and complying with the DOT and UN requirements.

Buying From Trusted Companies

Not everyone sells these the right way. Some container companies will skirt the issue and just provide containers and drums at a low price. That’s not good enough. When dealing with hazmat on any level, it’s best to have a trusted resource for purchasing these items. A good supplier that sells various types of drums, and can give you peace of mind in terms of the materials and certifications is key. Otherwise, you may be spending money on items that could leak, break, or worse. Companies like EBKContainers can help you with finding the right barrels. Remember, safety is key here, and compliance is not worth circumventing in order to save a few bucks.