The Importance of Proper Drum Handling Procedures

The Importance of Proper Drum Handling Procedures

Jan 15th 2022

Many types of business need 55-gallon containers for both storage and shipping purposes. In industrial environments, companies routinely put a lot of emphasis on safety practices. When workers are being educated about safety procedures, the handling of large containers should be included. This is especially true if the drums hold hazardous materials.

Poor Handling Practices

In many industrial settings, drums are sometimes improperly handled. Sometimes this is due to lack of proper equipment, or it may be due total disregard for the rules that are in place. Some of the wrong way to move full 55-gallon drums are:

  • Using forklift to move the drum without a pallet or forklift attachment
  • Rolling the drum on its side
  • Tilting the drum and rolling it on the rim

Since these drums are so heavy when full, moving them the wrong way can cause injury even if the contents are not spilled. Also, once they start rolling, it can be difficult to control them.

Creating a Safe Environment

Naturally, ideal storage is a major concern when you are dealing with chemicals, even if they are not hazardous. Always keep the floor clean, and make sure that there are no slipping or tripping hazards. Keep the drums away from materials or equipment that can cause damage. The storage area must also be properly lit to ensure that there is never any confusion when these drums are being handled.

Employee Safety

Aside from knowing how to handle the drums, employees must take other steps to protect themselves from accidental exposure to stored materials. In many industrial settings, steel-toed boots are a requirement. Workers should also have safety gloves, glasses and protective clothing. The drums should always be properly labeled. Labels should be clear so that employees can read and understand the information on these labels.

Getting the Right Drums

This plays a big role in promoting safety in industrial settings. Drums used for storing or moving hazardous materials must meet established standards. There are drums specially made for this purpose, as well as drums that will hold damaged drums so the contents are protected. It is important to have the right drums to maintain a safe work area.

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