Do Not Cut Corners When Purchasing Drums

Do Not Cut Corners When Purchasing Drums

Aug 30th 2021

Every business has to work within a certain budgetary constraint. No matter how you look at this, there are things that are going to need to be factor into the decisions made. Take for instance waste companies, they have to work within certain limits to be profitable. One of the major issues that comes into mind is logistics related to containers. Drums, specifically, can end up costing a great deal if not careful. When crunching numbers, it may be easy to fall into the temptation of cutting corners here. However, that is not only a dangerous proposition, but it could end up costing far more down the line than it’s worth.

The Right Drum

There are several types of drums that you could utilize. There are plastic, steel, and other types. These are made to haul various items, and it’s imperative to use the right one for your project. Focus on finding the certification of each drum to ensure that you are able to meet the UN and DOT certification standards. If the drums that you are going to purchase do not meet these standards, and you are dealing with salvage material or hazardous chemicals, leaks can occur. When leaks occur, they can contaminate work areas, and the environment around them. This is an absolute disaster that should not be taken lightly at all.

The Right Size

Another aspect of cutting corners is in regards to the sizing issue. Drums can come in a variety of sizes from 30 gallon to 85 gallon and even 180 gallon. These all can help with a variety of different projects and movements. It’s important to get the right size and plan ahead for any shifts that may be needed to focus on. Without this, you could end up dealing with a serious problem in organization, transport and more.

The Cost of Doing Business

In the end, you are going to have to make strong decisions about whether or not to cut corners to save a few bucks. Some industries have decided to circumvent spending on the right drums, and have been heavily fined or even shut down. It’s best not to save a few pennies up front. Spend the money as a part of the cost of doing business and get the right kind of drums. If you plan ahead, and you work with the right drums for your project, you will not have to worry about the cost down the line. It costs less to do the right thing and order the right pieces today, than it is to cut corners and face uncertainty down the line. This becomes crucial when dealing with hazardous materials, corrosive chemicals, and much more.