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EBKContainers is committed to providing high quality products at low prices, while providing superior service to our customers. We have 1000's of packaging and equipment products and accessories to suit your needs. Some products include, but are not limited to 55 Gallon Drums, drum pumps, steel drums, plastic drums, and fiber drums.

Need to store your paint, varninsh, or lacquer, or ensure your lids don't pop loose during shipping? EBKContainers.com has Paint Cans and Pails for you! Choose from expoxy lined or unlined paint cans and pails ranging in size from 1/2 pint to 5 quarts. If you need to ship your paint cans or pails, select from our variety of Armlok ® Overseals and Can Clips. If you can't find the Paint Can or Pail your looking for on our site? Contact us, and we will check with our suppliers to assist you with what you are looking for.

You Do Not Need a Secret Decoder Ring to Crack the Code for UN Ratings on Drums

Have you ever looked at the UN rating on the side or top of a drum and felt completely at a loss as to what the jumble of numbers and letters means? Today we’re going to show you how to decipher the code so you are aware of what they mean. Make sure to bookmark this post so you can refer back to us as needed.see more..

Used Drums/Reconditioned Drums
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