Semi-Automatic Pail Closer - Plastic Pail Closer

Semi-Automatic Pail Closer - Plastic Pail Closer

*Closes 3.5 - 5 gallon and 20 liter non-UN and UN plastic pails
*Adjusts to fit pails with cover positioned in place, 10 1/2" H to 17 3/4" H
*Food grade model available

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Semi-Automatic Plasic Pail Closer - Production-type closing station increases pail closing efficiency. 2-palm safety interlock controls keep operator's hands away from pinch points. Powered by an air operated cylinder with a 6” bore and 3” stroke. Requires 80–100 PSI air supply. Equipped with a painted carbon steel pressure plate for non-UN and UN-rated plastic pails and a 304 stainless steel pressure plate for food grade closing operations. Pressure plate applies even pressure for positive seal and features a "burp" plug that eliminates trapped air before the seal is made. Frame is made of carbon steel. Overall height is 45”.

*These units are designed for closing plastic pails only. The head is not interchangeable with a lug closing head.
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Price Each
Part Number Application Pail Size Pressure Plate/Burp Plug Weight 1+
GM91P-UN UN 3.5 - 5 gal. and 20 liter Steel 340 lbs. 4990
GM91P-UNSS UN Food Grade 3.5 - 5 gal. and 20 liter 304 Stainless 340 lbs. 5100

A sample pail must be sent to the pail closer mfg to ensure a proper seal.

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