Open/Closed Head Rain Barrels

Open/Closed Head Rain Barrels

*Save money and help the environment
*Brand new, food-grade drums - no contamination or odor
*Special pricing and shipping available for municipalities and other groups

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Every inch of rain that falls on a roof of just 1,000 square feet will produce about 600 gallons of rainwater. Harvest that water and save! Our new 55 gallon polyethylene rain barrels are ready to use, with a 6" diameter screened opening to keep out mosquitoes and debris. 3/4" faucet at the bottom for easy draining, and an outlet at the top for overflow or to connect to a second collection barrel. Closed head style drum has 2" NPS (pipe thread) and 2" buttress (coarse thread) plugs with 3/4" NPS knockout that accept a pump and allow inspection of inside. Open-head style drum has a fully removable cover and bolted locking ring. Both styles have "Child Drowning Warning" and "Non-Potable Water" labels.
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Price Each
Part No. Description 1+
RBOH55B 55 gallon open head rain barrel, blue color 177
RBTH55N 55 gallon closed head rain barrel, natural color 133
RBTH55B 55 gallon closed head rain barrel, blue color 133

Free shipping on First four drums to: MN, WI, IL, OH, IN, KY, MO, Other states have to add $10.00 for shipping

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