EXPO® Electric Drum Heaters

EXPO® Electric Drum Heaters - Plastic Drum Heaters with Pre-Set (Non-Adjustable) Thermostat

*Increase flow rate of viscous materials
*For plastic drums and pails
*Thermostat Control

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Durable heaters install instantly with spring-loaded toggle clamp and spread heat over the entire heater surface. All heaters have internal fiberglass insulation(except LIMD55). All are equipped with neon pilot and 6 ft. power cord and are warranted for one year. Units are not moisture-proof or explosion-proof. Not for use with flammables or near a flammable area. For indoor use only. UL-Listed and CSA certified. Plastic Drum Heater with Thermostat Control designed for heating materials in high density polyethlene drums and pails. Thermostat is factory set; will not exceed the maximum plastic-safe temperature of 165 degrees F recommended by many plastic drum manufactures. Simple on-off power control.
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Drum Price Each
Part No. Drum Size Diameter (in.) Volts Watts Amps Weight 1+
LIMD55-115 55 gallon 22 1/2 120 800 6.6 15 lbs. 310.75
LIM30-115 30 gallon 18 1/2 120 335 2.8 12 lbs. 271.5
LIM16-115 16 gallon 14 1/2 120 145 1.2 10 lbs. 269.5
LIM5-115 5 gallon 11 1/4 120 100 .8 8 lbs. 248.75

LIM16-115/LIM5-115 Use standard 120V outlet; all others require industrial outlet.

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