EXPO® Electric Drum Heaters

EXPO® Electric Drum Heaters - Infinite(Variable) Control with Three-Heat Switch

*Increase flow rate of viscous materials
*For steel drums and pails
*Infinite (Variable) Control with Three-Heat Control

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Durable heaters install instantly with spring-loaded toggle clamp and spread heat over the entire heater surface. All heaters have internal fiberglass insulation. All are equipped with neon pilot and 6 in. power cord and are warranted for one year. Units are not moisture-proof or explosion-proof. Not for use with flammables or near a flammable area. For indoor use only. UL-Listed and CSA certified. Infinite (Variable) Control with Three-Heat Switch designed for use on steel drums and pails with materials that are subject to charring, burning or seperation, such as food, chocolate, honey, light oils, and undercoating materials. These heaters do not have a thermostat and will not automatically reach and hold a given temperature. Infite control operates within each of three wattage ranges for closer heat control.
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Drum Price Each
Part No. Drum Size Diameter (in.) Volts Watts Amps Weight 1+
SRX55-115 55 gallon 22 1/2 120 1750-875-437 14.6 15 lbs. 278.2
SRX55-230 55 gallon 22 1/2 240 3000-1500-750 12.5 15 lbs. 278.25
SRX30-115 30 gallon 18 1/2 120 1750-875-437 14.6 12 lbs. 268.75
SRX16-115 16 gallon 14 1/2 120 1500-750-375 12.5 10 lbs. 266.55
SRX5-115 5 gallon 11 1/4 120 1500-750-375 12.5 8 lbs. 248.25

SRX16-115/SRX5-115 Use standard 120V outlet; all others require industrial outlet.

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