Plastic Rotary Drum Pumps

Plastic Rotary Drum Pumps

*Light weight and economical
*Delivers up to 8 GPM

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Plastic Rotary Drum Pumps - Polypropylene Pump delivers up to 8 GPM and is ideal for most organic acids, waxes, plating solution, detergents & water-soluble inorganic chemicals. Ryton Pump delivers up to 6 GPM and is designed to handle aggressive chemicals such as esters, ketones, and hydrocarbons. Stainless steel discharge tube and 3-piece S.S. suction tube. Both pumps include standard 2" bung adapter.
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Pump Price Each Price Each
Part No. Material Seal Rotor Weight 1 3 6+
RP90P-T Polypropylene Teflon® Polypropylene 4 lbs. 73.5 68.75 71.55
RP90R-T Ryton Teflon® Ryton 6 lbs. 112 108 105

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