Combination Drum Truck Drainer Cradle

Combination Drum Truck Drainer Cradle

*For 55 gallon steel drums
*4 wheel design carries entire load with no operator effort
*1000 lb. capacity

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Combination Drum Truck Drainer Cradle - Makes moving, tilting and draining drums an easy one-person job. All double-welded 1 1/4 in. diameter tube steel frame. Steel roller wheels allow you to easily rotate the drum to draining position. Special chime hook fits under spigot, won't interfere with draining. Drain height 14 in. Please note, however, that the standard 5 gallon polly pail will not work with this truck. Truck measures 62 in. x 25 in. wide (16 1/2 in wide at nose). Main wheels are 10 in. diameter x 2 1/2 wide. Rear wheels are 6 in. x 2 in. wide. Stores upright with built-in kickstand.
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Price Each Price Each
Part No. Wheel Type Weight (lbs.) 1 2+
45VR Moldon rubber 93 287.55 280.95
45P Polyolefin 68 250.1 242.75
45SS Steel 97 327.95 320.25

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