High Efficiency Pail Closing Tools - Air Tools

High Efficiency Pail Closing Tools - Air Tools

*Speed up your higher volume pail or 16 gallon drum closing operation
*Closes all lugs in a single stroke
*Air-operated UN and non-UN models

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Air-Operated Tools is an effective method for closing moderate to high volumes of steel pails. Just place the tool over top of the cover, push down on the twin handles and the malleable iron jaws crimp all the lugs at once. Tools for light gauge pails are aluminum alloy for strength and light weight. Tools for heavier gauge UN-type pails are steel. Supplied with a grease fitting for easy maintenance and long tool life.
Air-Operated Tools have dual handles to keep hands away from pinch points. Each handle is equipped with an on/off thumb control for added safety and ease of operation. Designed for overhead spring or counterbalance mounting. Requires 90 PSI air supply.
Air Operated Tools 16A requires a sample of the 24 gauge pail only. 16P-UN does not require a pail sample. 20A requires a sample of the 16 gallon 24 gauge container.
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Nominal Max. Steel Price Each
Part No. Pail Size Diameter (in.) Thickness Weight 1 3+
12A 2 gallon 8 1/2 24 gauge 27 lbs. 2495 2399
16A 5 gallon 11 1/4 24, 26, 28 gauge 53 lbs. 2340 2275
16P-UN 5 gallon 11 1/2 20/22/24/26/28 gauge 55 lbs. 3615.85 3615.85
20A 16 gallon 14 24, 26, 28 gauge 58 lbs. 2922.65 2895.25

16P-UN/16PLW-UN for UN pails

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