PassportTank Intermediate Bulk Containers

PassportTank Intermediate Bulk Containers  

*Transport hazardous and non-hazardous liquids economically
*Available with either wook, steel, or plastic pallet
*UN Certified to 31HA1/Y1.9/100

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PassportTank Intermediate Bulk Containers - Shipping and hanlding of bulk liquids has never been easier since the introduction of the PassportTank. Suited for domestic or export use, the 40” X 48” pallet design ensures dependable and economical usage. It meets requirements for chemical, paint, lubricant, and food & beverage industries. The 275/330 gallon blow molded bottle, made of UV-protected high density polyethylene, makes it compatible with the widest range of chemicals and food grade products. The injection molded 6” lid has a 2” threaded opening. For quick discharge, the bottle has a bottom drainage channel and is equipped with a 2” interchangeable polyethylene plunger-style valve and outlet nozzle. The base is constructed of a heavy duty, easy access four-way pallet. Pallets can be stored 3- high, max 2,500 lbs. per unit. Many other sizes of containers are available as well as optional valves and fittings.

Inside Price Each Price Each
Part No. Capacity Bottle Height Pallet Weight 1 10 20+
U1413300 330 gal 47 1/4 in. Wood 160 lbs. 350 290 280

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