Bucket Dolly

Bucket Dolly

*Designed to carry 5 gallon pails
*Center 5 in. hole allows pail to be tilted
*High impact ABS construction - 125 lb. capacity

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This is the best bucket dolly available for professional use. With its low center of gravity, the lowest on the market, it is almost impossible to tip. The exclusive 5" diameter center hole accepts a 5 gallon bucket and can hold it at an angle making it easier to access material. Ideal for working with thinset, grout, and water. Features five 2" diameter heavy duty casters for easily moving and turning heavy 5-gallon pails. The dolly has a reinforced design, molded from High Impact ABS plastic. Overall dimensions: 16-1/2" diameter x 3" H. Inside opening is 11-1/8" diameter and recessed 2-1/2". Bottom of inside opening to floor has a clearance of 5/8". Weighs 4 lbs.
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Price Each
Part No. Description Weight 1+
BUD125 Bucket Dolly 4 lbs. 36

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