Beckson® PVC Stroke Drum Pumps


Beckson® PVC Stroke Drum Pumps

Beckson® PVC Stroke Drum Pumps - 3' Hose

*For alkalis, acids, and petroleum products
*Self-priming, delivers one gallon in just 5 strokes
*Models for steel or plastic drums
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Price Each Price Each
Part No. Fits Drum Liquid Type 1 3 6+
P436S3 Steel, 2 in. NPS Alkalis 60 58 55
P436B3 Plastic, 2 in. buttress Alkalis 60 58 55
P236S3 Steel, 2 in. NPS Acids 62.55 61.55 59.99
P236B3 Plastic, 2 in. buttress Acids 62.55 61.55 59.99
P336S3 Steel, 2 in. NPS Petroleum 57 56 54.5

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Beckson® PVC Stroke Drum Pumps